Why were we created and what do we do!

Today, who writes here, the first post of our blog, is Henrique Machado, co-founder of Anallytica. I want to share with you the vision, present and future of this recently founded company (December 16th, 2020).

In recent months, we have been thinking a lot about the impacts of SaaS companies with an increasing number of new sales, but with an engineering/product team that is not compatible with this demand. In addition to a small Customer Success team for the size of the active customer base.

We can list here the main impacts in the customers working process:

  1. If sales are not made at a good cadence during the month, the support team is overloaded with a hight number of new demands through the end of the current month and the beginning of the next one;

See: we agree for sure, about investing in new sales and business growth, but we must not overlook the business base. A good product with investment in customer experience is stronger in a long term. We need to change our mindset about how the product is seen in the companies as cost and not as an investment. We also understand, in a long term the math matches but is more difficult to calculate an ROI for a developer.

The logic we would like to bring here is simple: use as a basis for calculating the growth of your company a new effective revenue and not just new revenue. Why? Because you lose customers every month and you don’t grow 1,000 a month if your churn was 800.

The loss of revenue, whether in reason of customer service and/or problematic products, has higher impacts than simply a number at the end of the month. Who has left will not be a promoter of your company. Those who use your product certainly talk to peers and other professionals in the market. A closed door, closes others too!

What is this all about Anallytica?

Well, we believe in building better products. With long-term focus. That’s simple!

We believe in healthy growth, really focused on the end-to-end customer experience. From the MVP that we are going to release, to the care in the logos`s colours choice and the type of information we are going to share.

For sure a well-designed/developed product naturally supports healthy growth, where we make our customers our own promoters, and especially our own sellers. And you cannot build a great product with no ways to analyse everything that happens on it.

In past times, we have tracked for months numerous KPIs: NPS, MAU, AAD, windows opening time, query loading time, MRR, ARR, etc…

We always believe we should analyze less data, but with greater assertiveness. Why analyzing the product heat map if I don’t have and/or don’t know what decision to make with this? Will I do it because it’s fashionable and my friends do it too (even if I don’t know what it is for)?

The main reason of measuring a KPI should always be about what I am going to do with it. If I am going to monitor the DAU that I hope to extract from it, what is a satisfactory number? What decisions I will make to reach my goal and, above all, what I’m going to do to keep this number there.

Taking all this in consideration, we are born. Anallytica will be a center for managing SaaS indicators. We are going to monitor the above in a simple and assertive way.

How? A script in your application and ready, will be monitoring everything that makes sense to you.

This will be our MVP. Planned to be released in mid-February 2021.

We are going to launch, after MVP, new KPIs that product managers must or can follow, always in this way:

  • A monthly dashboard with the leading KPIs;

Let’s take advantage of all the opportunities that this will create.

Monitoring data with no action, is the same as studying medicine and work as paraquedist. You study all indicators and/or books in depth and in the end taking the decision to jump into the void, with only one piece of equipment and one dream.

We like the idea of analyzing the data and bringing you opportunities for new profit and the prediction of what might be lost: if for you, a user who gives a NPS note 4 and makes only 3 logins per week is a reason to worry, let us help you prioritize it on a revenue “Danger” list with some action taking backlog.

We are going to use smart queries and personalize your action in a simple way, minimalist, and practical way with everything that makes sense to you and to your product. We are going to help you GROW in profit and product by selling “less”. Churn reduction, upsell opportunity, increasing engagement in your product, and increasing NPS are some of the results we will have for you. This brings you new revenue with a smaller CAC and a happy promoter base.

All this with a product created and designed for “product people”. We live the product and we will use it for ourselves, for sure. Have you ever heard about “Eat Your Own Dog Food”? Nothing makes more sense than that.

The simple delights and solves!

We won’t have heavy software, with a thousand features and a thousand KPIs that you’ll never use, and we don’t even know what it’s for. We will have few key KPIs, few important features, and the freedom to customize it the way you need it.

We want to do “less” for you. Well, do less, to do better. We are not going to release features that you don’t need, neither inflate an intermediate plan with software integrations that you don’t use to take your money.

We are still in the sea of ideas and feedback is always welcome

Creating an assertive product for the market seems simple to solve when the pain is yours too. But the challenge is greater than it seems, especially when we talk about launching less product to launch the right product. Our product is focused on those who want to build amazing products. For people who study the data generated and make the right decisions.

Sure, the data speak for themselves, but they do not always tell us what we want to hear: talking to people is the big difference of this game.

For this we are opening here the possibility of you becoming a beta-test of Anallytica. We want to hear you about what KPIs you usually monitor, why, how, when and where. We want to create the right insights and launch the right product for you.

We are limited to 30 people in this initial project (at no cost) so that we can create a product that the market needs and wants.

If you want to be part of this great challenge with us and you want to be one of the first to play with our amazing tool, join this link and register for the initial list of users. Let us limit ourselves to a small number to be close and to talk frequently (no exaggerations because, of course, we have our lives as well). We only ask for an initial commitment, because the idea is for both parties to help each other. We do not want you to join because of the hype. We want you being part of this, in fact.

So, let’s build better products? Are we going to build something people would love instead of building fast features and making mistakes in a big scale? Are we going to stop this idea of developing software with low quality, praying to sell to FFF and “when we can” correct legacy?