Why were we created and what do we do!

  1. If sales are not made at a good cadence during the month, the support team is overloaded with a hight number of new demands through the end of the current month and the beginning of the next one;
  2. The customer has a bad experience because they were not able to receive the human support to use the product;
  3. The product has no investment in improvements (whether performance or usability) and customer experience is undermined;
  4. With this, the product team always works on the legacy, with little time to think about new improvements and release the right feature instead of many features and twist so that spray-and-pray works;
  5. In addition to the Customer Success team not having enough time to take care of the active base and only serve those who “scream loudest”.

What is this all about Anallytica?

  • A monthly dashboard with the leading KPIs;
  • A detailed report per indicator on a daily basis;
  • MAU and DAU monitors;
  • And much more…

Let’s take advantage of all the opportunities that this will create.

The simple delights and solves!

We are still in the sea of ideas and feedback is always welcome



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