The filter viewing is going to give you relevant insights!

In our last post, we brought a new way to analyze the health of your base through the NPS: by active contract time.

In addition to this, we must not forget the importance and relevance of an analysis by other filters that are important to you, such as plan type, account responsible customer success, MRR, and even country/region.

Monitoring the NPS in a generalist way will bring to you, a view of your database as a whole, but often the problem is in one of those filters in particular — which, by consequence, will affect your KPI overall!

Let’s talk a little more about…

You started last month to monitor product usage KPIs, access peak by weekday and time, and, of course, NPS.

They all go according to market standard metrics, minus the NPS that insists on staying between 10 and 20 — what kind of action do you take when this information arrives?

When you don’t have a granularity of information that makes it easy to create custom filters, you won’t be able to take any action. You can bring your customer success team closer to your customers, you can create product news webinars, you can strengthen your message in Marketing, but in the background, all this will be a shot in the dark because you won’t be shooting where the problem really lies.

Filters, Filters, Filters

In another case of NPS monitoring with advanced filters, you can now do a comparison such as:

  1. What is my NPS per plan type?


For each of these 3 questions, we have 3 possibilities:

  1. If you have two plans, a Free plan and a Paid one and, making the filter for them you note that the NPS from the Free plan is far below the Paid plan, we found a problem: the client who doesn’t pay is a Detractor. In this case, the actions taken can be varied such as strengthening communication in onboarding new customers, having a human contact a few days after the account is created, analyzing possible product errors for this plan, and even, in more extreme cases, removing your company’s Free plan if it no longer makes sense;

Don’t forget the before and after

When an indicator is monitored it is legal to keep in mind where we want to get to and often track progress.

On these examples above, if we realize the Free plan had an onboarding adjustment in March looking at the rise of the NPS, we will follow in April how this indicator will be in order to have a successful comparison or not.

If so, we were successful, great… let’s go to the next indicator that will be adjusted. Otherwise, we go back to the bunker, analyze what went wrong in this little project, adjust and go to the market again.

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