Do not kill the Messenger

Anallytica’s NPS Report

It’s a fact that in our diverse customer base we have promoters, detractors, neutrals; large, medium, and small customers; different countries and/or regions and, for sure, different opinions about our product.

When software companies start growing, this kind of diversity gets bigger and as result, some complaints begin to appear — with more or less energy. In early stages of the company, the investments end up being in marketing and sales or in product and technology, and the support moves to a second stage.

Thus, these complaints end up falling into a ditch and the most common is to hear: “this user complains too much all the time and is using our product wrongly, let’s cancel your account and stop wasting time with it because we can serve a lot more customers if this one goes away.” Right?

Certainly, the problem that this customer is reporting is the problem of others as well. Whether it’s lack of service, lack of supporting content (knowledge base, educational videos, etc.) or product bugs — which is extremely normal at every stage of a company.

The fact is that we cannot ignore the richness of this information. You “Dismissing” this customer because of his “boring” behaviour, you’ll stopping receiving the biggest gold you can receive: your company’s real-time feedback as a whole. If you kill in the root the most important messenger, you will be losing revenue and building a wrong product, to the wrong audience, with the wrong message.

The “messenger” in this case complains because he loves and needs his product. He has the pain you propose to solve. It is telling you problems that other customers have and often do not report.

Customers with the same problems and who are silent, are the ones who will surely churn and you don’t know the reason. They’ll be educated by you, they’ll have the pain, they know the use process you’ve taught them and come ready for your competitors.

Knowing how to hear these customers with more complaints is an exercise of patience, for sure, but it will bring you direct and indirect benefits, such as:

  1. You will revert this client from a detractor to a neutral (or even a promoter);
  2. He is going to tell about you to new customers;
  3. You are going to correct process and/or product that are causing trouble to your base as a whole;
  4. You will avoid unexpected churns;
  5. Your satisfaction index will increase!

If you, as a manager and/or founder of the company, apply the culture of dismissing those customers, don’t hear feedback, and live complaining about your active base, your followers will do the same and your service score will be horrible.

Create a culture of proximity to the foundation, be close to your first customers, and listen carefully to what detractors want to tell you. A well-served customer is worth 2, a poorly served customer is worth 10!

The culture of taking care of the foundation, being kind and attentive to customers, making your experience the best possible end-to-end is a job of the company as a whole. Charming your customers begins in the first marketing sentence until the greeting of a response on service tickets.

We should have the patience and calm to serve the hardest customers to have a peace in the future, a scalable product and a satisfied customer base, indicating you to new partners, increasing your retention and your LTV, with a practically null CAC.

Here at Anallytica we like to be close to our customers, help them build their products better, more scalable, with an extremely satisfied customer base, and of course help ourselves make Anallytica better. We are always in touch with our first customers, doing research and talking to people on the market so that constancy makes us a company of excellence in everything we propose to do. Whether it’s the content we post here on the Blog, whether it’s in our products or in our service.

We’re starting our first tests in February 2021 (and many happy about this) and if you’re interested in getting to know more than we’re doing, sign up for this link!