Do not be indifferent with your NPS

Anallytica’s NPS

Typically, when we start tracking a KPI, whether it’s product, financial, or operational, we want to get some insight from it. Whether it’s to find potential operations issues, to avoid revenue loss or possibilities for improvement across the company as a whole.

What would lead you to follow an indicator such as NPS without an action plan defined for it?

NPS tools mostly require investments (whether large or small) of intellect and time. You invest in hiring the tool, implementing time, and managing it. Why not make this investment get the expected return?

The feared scores between 0 and 6

Avoid creating automations for CRITICS. Everything he doesn’t want, and needs is an automated email with no customization, asking if everything is fine. For sure it is not and with this automation, frustration increases, and give the feeling you don’t care about it.

One way forward would be the searching, internally with the service team if that account was in trouble in the last few days. Examine how long she has signed up with her company and other relevant information, and then send a personalized email, pointing for some issues that you have identified and, if possible, could combine a call to handle the issues.

If the call is accepted, you are prepared and ready with solutions (or directions) to the problems you have identified in that account.

Keep in mind that the customer almost always is already not satisfied with your product and the NPS reflects a churn that will come. The constancy in the contact with your customer base is important. Don’t leave to relate to them when you’re in trouble.

The key to big results is CONSTANCY.

Of course, with the scale service challenges grow and for that, tools like Anallytica exist. Knowing who is using little and/or wrong your product directs you to talk to customers who have a higher churn trend.

New companies have the advantage of being close to the early-adopters and learning from them. Create a high frequency of relationship and invest from the start in fulfilment tools so when that scale happens you’re ready. Great service compensates for product failures or a lack of functionality.

Do not forget that the NPS is the one who collects the results, but that the notification is not directly related to the product. If by a chance you are having problems charging with undue amounts, the NPS will reflect it.

NPS is a company effort as a whole!

But not everything is just bad scores!

In this world of diversity, PROMOTORS are your largest asset. Treat them as you would like to be treated (btw, this with everyone!).

Your promoters are your biggest sellers. Generating a lead through referral is the hottest lead you will have. Bring this to real life and you will understand: the best people you know or will meet to make friendships and/or partnerships will come from nominations. If your company is awesome, your customer will generate value for another friend by telling you.

In the business world, there is a lot of talk about building relationships and networking, and here it’s no different. Happy customers will promote your business and as result bring more revenue!

Ask the promoters for information. Invite them to unique events and to be beta-testers of functionality that will be released soon. The sense of priority and exclusivity will make him even happier with you.

Be careful with the Neutrals

We all like to be heard and to know that our opinions are valuable. Listen to everything he has to say. Learn from him. If it makes sense for you and your business, act and communicate!

If your product has been contracted, there is a pain that needs to be resolved. Helping you with your frustrations has advantages for both sides: you strengthen your close relationship with customers who can tell you in the future, increase the satisfaction level of your active customer base, avoid revenue loss and detraction for others in the marketplace — and most importantly, your customer has the pain resolved!

To build products that people love, we must combine: data analysis x talk with customers x strategic market vision.

There is no way to measure in % which of the 3 is more important. These variants change according to business model, market size, product type, and so on. With clear indicators and a not of feedback from your base, you break down your chance of error, you can deliver more value with less feature, and forget what we’ve talked about here before, the “spray and pray”.

The constancy in the actions brings results. Increased NPS is a work that requires effort and long-term dedication.