It is common for us to create several different ways to analysing an indicator. With NPS, for sure, it would be no different.

Generally speaking, NPS is installed within the software, sent via email or SMS, and measured in a generic way. After some time, when the demands get a…

Anallytica’s NPS Report

It’s a fact that in our diverse customer base we have promoters, detractors, neutrals; large, medium, and small customers; different countries and/or regions and, for sure, different opinions about our product.

When software companies start growing, this kind of diversity gets bigger and as result, some complaints begin to appear…

Anallytica’s NPS

Typically, when we start tracking a KPI, whether it’s product, financial, or operational, we want to get some insight from it. Whether it’s to find potential operations issues, to avoid revenue loss or possibilities for improvement across the company as a whole.

What would lead you to follow an indicator…

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